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Wouldn’t it be nice if losing weight and getting in great shape was as easy as playing a game?
…it is!

The average person jogging on a treadmill burns approximately 104 calories every 10 minutes. The average person playing racquetball burns approximately 137 calories every 10 minutes. That’s an increase of over 30%!!

Sports Inn Fitness has two regulation size suspended floor racquetball courts. Courts are available 24 hours a day (To play during non staffed hours you must stop in during staffed hours and purchase tokens to operate court lights). Please call (717) 597-5099 to reserve your court time in advance .

Unlimited Racquetball can be added to your membership for only $10 per month. We also offer a Racquetball Membership for those who are only interested in playing racquetball. Non members can play racquetball for only $10 per hour.